Catering service in buses

AS Hansareisibüroo offers the possibility to order different snacks and drinks to make your bus trips more comfortable.

If you want to order catering service please let us know atleast 2 days before your trip!


tuunikala kolmnurkv6ileibTriangle sandwiches:

  • With ham and cheese – 2,30 EUR/ pcs
  • With chicken – 2,30 EUR/ pcs
  • With tuna – 2,30 EUR/ pcs


  • Meat pie – 0,90 EUR/ pcs
  • Sausage pie – 0,90 EUR/ pcs
  • Ham pie – 0,90 EUR/ pcs
  • Sweet pie (with cream or quark) – 0,90EUR/ pcs

Salads (250 g):

juustu-puuviljasalatFruit salad with cheese – 2,70 EUR

apple, pear, cheese, grape, mayonnaise,
sour cream, parsley, flavouring

kodune rosolje


Homemade “Rosolje” – 2,50 EUR

potato, beet, pickled cucumber, herring fillet, egg, onion,
sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard, flavouring


kodune singisalatHomemade potato salad with ham – 2,50 EUR

ham, potato, pickled cucumber, cucumber, egg,
mayonnaise, sour cream, flavouring


koolip2evasalatSalad “School Day” – 2,50 EUR

mini macaroni, sausage, carrot, cucumber,
sour cream, mayonnaise, flavouring


kreeka salatGreek salad – 2,70 EUR

Chinese cabbage, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese,
onion, vinegar, vegetable oil, flavouring


l6unamaine kanalasaltSouthern chicken salad- 2,70 EUR

Chinese cabbage, apple, fried chicken, canned peach,
peanuts, mayonnaise, curry, garlic


makra-munasalatEgg salad with crab noodles – 2,70 EUR

Chinese cabbage, cucumber, egg, crab noodles, radish,
dill, mayonnaise, flavouring


kohvHot drinks:

  • Coffee- 1,10 EUR
  • Tea – 1,10 EUR
  • The price includes a cup, cream and sugar!


Soft drinks:

  • CocaCola, Sprite, Fanta, Limonaad, Kelluke (500ml) – 1,20 EUR
  • Vichy, Saaremaa, BonAqua, Aura (500ml) – 1,20 EUR
  • Beer/Cider (33cl) – 2 EUR

The prices include turnover tax.

Hansareisibüroo has the right to change the price list.